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At COR PM Solutions,  we aim to truly simplify and to enhance back office responsibilities of property management companies by creating a cost reduction strategy that will allow you to conduct a larger volume of operations in less time and with a better quality. 

We bring decades of experience from across the real estate industry—from accounting and property management to real estate investing and beyond—to help you reach your technology and business goals. COR PM Solutions is a full service outsourcing firm that focuses exclusively on the apartment industry.  We are fully versed in all aspects of the most popular property management systems, including Resman and others.



We are a leading provider in real estate solutions across the multifamily industry and have the tools, experience, and dedication to find and craft the solution for any client. 

5,000 Units

Over 100 Communities

4,000 Units

Full-Cycle Accounting

Processes daily transactions, just like an internal department with 24 x 7 access to your system for real-time decisions.


We provide "ideal-sized" project management solutions to ensure our system meets our clients specific business requirements, helping to maximize their ROI and minimize business interruption.

Ongoing Support

Our support provides top-level assistance for your communities to stand out in the multifamily industry that is tailored to your needs. 

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